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A Natural Health Intuition session with Hilary Crowley does not replace medical directives, psychotherapy and any prescribed care. Please always consult with your physician for any issues involving diagnosing and medical care. 

Contact Whole Life Health Care or your healthcare provider for any questions, concerns and recommendations for your medical needs. 


Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes with a brief intake and final summary. You will be on a massage table for approximately one hour. In most cases you will receive a written report with feedback and direction from the session.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Only shoes are removed. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your appointment to assist your body’s clearing process. For best results after the deep relaxation of energy healing, it is recommended to follow a simple and restful schedule for the remainder of the day. Hilary’s practice welcomes children, teens and adults.

Cancellation policy: This is Energy Medicine so there is no charge for cancelled or missed appointments, let's just make sure you get the healing you need when you need it. Please email to as soon as you know you need to change your schedule.

I’m simply dedicated to connecting life force with body wisdom.
 The office

The office


Hilary Crowley discovered the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors. In her early career, she worked at University of Massachusetts Medical and Dartmouth Medical Center. Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.

In 2008, Hilary opened her office as a Natural Health Intuitive at the integrative center Whole Life Health Care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With clients referred by surgeons, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists and other holistic medical practitioners, Hilary uses energy medicine techniques to identify root issues of disease and stress.

Her hands-on work involves balancing and interpreting the subtle energy field of the human body to bring wellness and authentic health to her clients.

Hilary teaches on topics of energy medicine and health throughout New England, New York and abroad.

Hilary is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives with her husband and two sons in New Hampshire.




begins Autumn, 2018

If you are a student of Reiki, the journey never's just energy unfolding as we learn to travel through time, life and healing together with Dr. Usui's techniques.

Reiki is a gate - where we can open up and begin to understand life force healing and also where we can return to the simple gift of healing touch, intention, and meditation. 

This is a 16 hour course, with training in advanced methods of Reiki, how to give Level I, II and III attunements, understanding of the master symbol and begin a lifelong commitment to seeking knowledge to deepen your practice. Beyond the required hours, communication, shares and mutual support is ongoing.

Reiki Master training includes individual teaching sessions as well as shared gatherings with other students in the Reiki Master program.  

Monthly Sunday Share Reiki & Hands-on Healing
OCTOBer 14, 2018 Whole Life Health Care's Hilary Crowley welcomes you to a free monthly Sunday Share series for the Second Sunday of each month from 4:30 - 6:30pm.

Join Hilary, a Natural Health Intuitive & Energy Medicine practitioner at Whole Life Health Care at this open session to share Reiki and hands-on healing.  Together we are building a growing tradition in community and energy healing.


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