If you are a student of Reiki, the journey never's just energy unfolding as we learn to travel through time, life and healing together with Dr. Usui's techniques.

Reiki is a gate - where we can open up and begin to understand life force healing and also where we can return to the simple gift of healing touch, intention, and meditation. 

This is a 16 hour course, with training in advanced methods of Reiki, how to give Level I, II and III attunements, understanding of the master symbol and begin a lifelong commitment to seeking knowledge to deepen your practice. Beyond the required hours, communication, shares and mutual support is ongoing.

Reiki Master training includes individual teaching sessions as well as shared gatherings with other students in the Reiki Master program.  


Monthly Sunday Share ~ Reiki & Hands-on Healing

new* suggested donation 20.00

NEXT: February 10, 2019
Whole Life Health Care's Hilary Crowley welcomes you to a monthly Sunday Share series once each month from 4:30 - 6:30pm.

Join Hilary, a Natural Health Intuitive & Energy Medicine practitioner at Whole Life Health Care at this open session to share Reiki and hands-on healing.  Together we are building a growing tradition in community and energy healing. Beginners to Masters always welcome. Encouraging all holistic modalities to join us to explore, play and learn from one another.



Certification Class

Tues 2/19 evening & SATURDAY 2/23 workshop


Have you been curious about Reiki?

I'm offering an in-depth, intimate class. I teach from my 18 years of experience with daily clients in integrative health settings. This class is well-suited for nurses, doctors, medical students as well as holistic health enthusiasts.

This winter could be your time to begin. Reiki Level One certification is offered in February. Begins on Tuesday 2/19/19 from 5-7:30pm and then meets again on Saturday 2/23/19 at 9am - 4pm.

Many of my students want to become certified in Reiki for self-care, caregiving and volunteering in medical facilities. Reiki is a healing tradition that involves instruction and a meditative initiation called an attunement. The definition of attunement is "to bring into accord or harmony." Reiki instruction brings the student's body into accord with the larger universal energy body known as life force, prana, chi and ki.

A hundred years ago, Reiki was developed as a healing practice that integrates multiple sacred cultural phenomenons carried through traditions of North America, India, China, Tibet and Japan. The founder of Reiki immersed himself in native healing cultures of Eastern and Western practices including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Native American traditions.

I love teaching Reiki. It's a beautifully structured class format with space to share, heal, explore and practice. I follow the guidelines recommended through the International Center for Reiki Training. Classes are taught in the Reiki traditional of Dr. Mikao Usui three step process:

Reiki Level One focuses on "healing thyself," awareness of the energy field, understanding the power of mindful intentions, and I offer guidance and ongoing support to become a practitioner.